Travel with us – information in English

On this page you find information about what you need to know before traveling with us. If you have questions you can always contact our customer service at (+46)21-473 00 00.

To travel with VL you need to have a bus ticket. You can use your creditcard to pay for a single ticket (valid for one hour, in the municipality you are traveling within) on the bus, or buy your ticket with our VL app, or at any of our agents. You can also use Mina sidor (My pages) here at

In a few municipalities you can travel with the local buses free of charge. Read more about that further down this page.

Our agents

At you find a list of all of our agents, and where they are located.

Our VL app

If you have a smartphone, the easiest way to buy a ticket is with our VL app. You can download our app to your smartphone, via Google Play and App Store. When you have downloaded the app you need to choose your payment method, and register a Visa or Mastercard. The VL app is available in both Swedish and English.

If you have bought a ticket with the VL app, you activate it by scanning the QR code on board the bus. Holding your phone horisontally makes it easier to scan the QR code.

Scan the QR code with your phone like this.


If you need to know where you can travel with our buses you can find all of our maps at

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help with a ticket or a map, please contact our customer service at (+46)21-473 00 00. 

Free of charge traveling in some municipalities

In some municipalities in Västmanland you travel free of charge. This applies on local buses in Sala, Fagersta, Surahammar and Hallstahammar, but not on regional buses. This means that you do not need a ticket or travel card to travel on local buses within the municipality.

With our regional buses you can travel between two or more municipalities. If you are traveling by a regional bus within the municipality or to/from the municipality, it is not free of charge. In that case you need a bus ticket, and you pay the usual price.

It is the municipal governments of these municipalities that have decided that the local public transport should be free of charge. The decisions are valid until further notice. For more information about free of charge traveling, please contact the municipalities:

(+46)224-74 70 00

(+46)223-440 00

(+46)220-390 00

(+46)220-240 00